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AMAZONITE    ‘Earth-Body’   01.12.2013   A gem of blues and greens that seem to flow from the heart of the Earth Mother herself.. Amazonite gains its name from the mighty Amazon river where once these stones were first found, now a Feldspar that is found threaded across the entire planet. This stone is reminiscent of our relationship with the Earth through our bodies; how our bones veins and soft tissues echo the soil and ore of our spinning planet. Amazonite speaks to us of a great Universal harmony between all who walk the Earth – it propagates within us the spirit of harmony peacefulness and balance, community living upon a beautiful Earth. It looks to the future and projects inspirational intent for a better world. Part of this activity of understanding helps us to embrace and fully live within our Earthly enviornment from a heart-centered stillpoint helping to better maintain a love for your Earth & all the kingdoms therein..

As part of this, your body integrates the light of the Divine more efficently because of your firmer connection wth the Earth – made through Amazonite. The consistent use of Amazonite brings healing to the physical body and keeps eah of the energy fields in balance. It also works in an adaptogenic fashion giving you whichever energy you need; calming or energizing. It supports cellular regeneration especially post injury or illness. Amazonite is a greater soother to the emotional body, quietening and calming the mind, cooling angry or negative states, ushering you towards a place of balance and calm. Its fresh new zingy feel pushes your mental and emotional bodies towards positive fresh outlooks and an awareness towards a humanitarian consciousness, a will ‘for the good of all’. For times when new life and new growth is needed Amazonite heralds in that new beginning, a welcome friend after stormy weather. With it comes renewed faith and trust and the ability to integrate those new energies.

For the heart Amazonite all with love, nudging you towards caring for yourself, and feeding your needs. With its capacity of alignment to the Earth comes a cyclical understanding of the changes of life, the life seasons on Earth, the transitions that are inevitable. The heart understands this and lets you breathe in the flow of life without fears or apprehension. While you are circling the heart an inner truth may rise up like spring water showing itself to the Sun. Sending rays of light through your truth and the truth of your reality. Once experienced in energetic form truth can be much easier to grasp and thereby more manageable for outer world action. Let your truth be your guiding light above all says Amazonite. Once awareness sets in it is easier to negotiate boundaries around others and uphold a deeper integrity within.

Personal truth then sets the tone for all forms of expression. Amazonite wants loving communication on all levels, with an enhanced awareness towards differing opinions and points of view. Amazonite strikes the chord of compassion so one can understand another more lovingly; thereby useful in communicating ones true thoughts and feelings without fear or conflict. Especially with the ‘bluer’ Amazonites words are found and used more effectively to impart the message one needs to send. With Amazonite you will gain a heightened understanding of how your words effect your reality, what a vital part they take in the creation of it. You will want to use your words to align with a more vital Divine reality rather than an old fractured reality. Let the heart and throat centers express – the voice of the temple of Spirit, so the great waters of Amazonite may flood through the plains of your existence and the Earth sing back to you in bountiful song.


AMETHYST SPIRIT QUARTZ   ‘Soul enchantment’   01.10.2014 

This sparkly gem is native to only the Magaliesberg Mountain region of South Africa, first discovered back in 2001. A welcome member to the Quartz family, it can form in this way with Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Citrine also. It resonates highly with all other silica based minerals, readily magnifying and supporting healing.

Formed with a central ‘core’ crystal with many multi terminations, this ‘cactus’ Quartz is an efficient cleanser, harmonizer and balancer of the energetic fields and energy centres, providing immediate ‘line up’ between the physical and Divine self, frequencies are raised so the soul purpose feels more within arms reach, the process of which made clearer, the light of Awareness shines. Particularly the crown energy point is greatly expanded so all spiritual capabilities become heightened and stronger. Spirit Quartz holds you true to your souls path, shedding light on anything within your life that is impeding that progress. Like all Amethyst formations there is a strong connection with the theme of transition, change, the movement from one state to another. Here, this Spirit Quartz leads us and creates a bridge from one etheric state to another, like from physical incarnation to re-entry into the light at the point of death of the physical self. It covers such forms of transition; actually when you are at any point in your life where your energetic nature is changing or evolving, Spirit Quartz is highly useful if you feel you need some kind of etheric roadmap or signposting! Forms of shamanic journeying and rebirthing are well accompanied here. This peaceful compassionate stone is surprisingly soft despite all its prickly edges! It rolls over into dreamspace as well encouraging you to process and dream more lucidly.

 The Devic kingdom is another realm this stone accesses. Elemental in energy, playful by nature and loved by children and the child within the adult. It understands and co-operates with this enchanted area of the Nature world, touching each layer of energy from the tiniest pixies to the greatest of guardians that protect our most treasured spaces. If you wish to enter this realm, being accompanied by this stone is sure to guide your journey and experience of those that inhabit that realm.

The multi terminations and the reflections of light that occur off each that comprise this crystal symbolize a greater plan – that of the truth that we are all ONE and though we may exist on Earth ( the core crystal ) in different physical bodies ( the multi terminations ) we all should exist in co-operation in unity in harmony at the service of the higher plan ( the combination of both ) This stone will help, support and encourage group participation, harmony and understanding, building links of support between each other, all in the name of LOVE and in service to the LIGHT. It will also bring understanding to the group dynamic if any links become fragile.

Spirit Quartz does have a plan to upgrade us, humanity, into a higher state of consciousness, together with its soul purpose properties, one by one, each soul should rise up and sing in harmony to herald in a new dawn.  The abundance that this stone shows bursts with creativity and exuberance for the joy of creation, fertility within mind and soul, it fountains out hope and positive expectancy for a co-operative soul aligned future for ALL.



 APOPHYLLITE   ‘Light – Mother’  01.12.2013    The clear iridescent light of Apophyllite shines transplendent like peaks of Source light right across the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Birthed within the great vaults of the Earth, these glassy gems hold within the purest energies. Exhibiting sometimes double terminated pyramidical forms of clear, green, grey or golden yellow, this stone mostly gathers in clusters, with an emerging key crystal. Fragile to touch, but by no means weak, this stone has a gentle strength.

The pearly light that Apophyllite beams out shines directly towards the Divine realms and toward Earth. A connection between which is quickly established so both energies may work upon us. Ways of being and ways of living then automatically become aligned. As light is plentifully anchored into the light-body one moves to be higher-minded and of ‘higher heart’. All ascension work is re assured while the human self is comforted. Apophyllite is celestial in nature, etheric and elemental and will support all work in these realms, and dimensions beyond. There is an underlying urge towards Truth in this stone.. in the pursuit of Truth in all things and in Universal Order, particularly of use in the search for Truth in oneself and in understanding the essence of All things in this world. Apophyllite will particularly help one in ones intuition and clairsentience. It aligns specifically with the heart, third eye, crown, causal and the stellar gateway. This stone likes to gather information along routes then dispense it as required. Its glistening light echoes clarity, gathering gems of truth, gardening away what belongs to the past, holding onto only what is needed for the future. Such a matrix is ideal for journeying into…

Hold onto an Apophyllite to ease anxiety or worry. Let it beam out through a room and fill it with its spiritual energies and to anyone nearby – it oozes serenity, calm, tranquillity & balance. When its energies work upon the heart, your heart centre becomes a conduit for love; in gentleness and grace feeding every cell with the pure Love of Source. Opening up the inner chambers, spreading new Light, seeding Love for further growth. The heart is exhilarated and ready to breathe in fresh new life. Particularly the Green Apophyllite, it speaks to the human heart and also the great heart of the Plant Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom, its enthusiasm for renewed growth and recovery is unbounded. It heralds the great growth of All Creation, lets loose Earth and Cosmic bliss…

As in all Creation when conception occurs there is a growth period before the ‘creation’ may be birthed into the outer world; Apophyllite, in its infinitely loving capacity, holds its loving arms around, in great Love Light and nurturing – a ‘Light-Mother’ to all newly growing forms. When a creation is conceived, held and birthed in this way it remains connected to Source throughout its journey.

AQUA AURA QUARTZ  ‘ Luminescent‘  01.08.2014  This luminescent alchemical wonder of the Mineral Kingdom is a delight on so many levels. The meeting of two great forces, Clear Quartz and Gold.. combining the mercurial forces of water element, with its pure Aqua colour and the powerful all encompassing forces of the solar metal. Through its transmutation it brings to us a very high stimulating energy, powered by the piezoelectric effects of Quartz, aligned to the Divine by the Gold. Intensely fuelled this stone provides a clear channel to the Divine and within the entire energetic body. It is alchemy at its best in the crystalline world. When you have such alchemy that occured during the process of making, one can be assured the same level of transformation, transubstantion, change is possible within your human self.

The stone is created through an electrostatic process, (other metals may be applied, such as Silver, Titanium, and Platinum, producing other minerals). The stone is put into a vacuum and charged opposite the metal, the Quartz is heated to 871 °C /1600 °F) the vaporized pure gold metal is placed into the vacuum and the metal clings to the crystal. This is a permanent process, as often like all forms of transformation can be forever illuminated!  The solar forces that Aqua Aura brings through are abundant, direct, and full of vitality.. healing and purifying all in its path. The Clear Quartz is ‘light made physical’ so forward it moves with focus clarity and magnification. Combined they are quite a force.. an immediate connector with heavenly qualities. This energy reaches deep into the cells, expanding personal perspective into a divine perspective.. awareness moves to 360 degrees right up to the Angelic kingdom where all calls are heard.. all transmissions are received, all vibrations felt , as the heart and soul of the human being levitates towards the Light. As this occurs the auric field is eased from all energy drains, the mental emotional spiritual bodies are cleansed, and brought to a higher vibrating frequency so better levels of clarity may be accessed.

The main centres upon which Aqua Aura works are the third eye and the throat. With the Third eye, the higher dimensions are smoothly cohered to and the channel to this is set. The light shines through the all seeing eye to the mind and the mental body, clearing the way forward, stimulating every nerve fibre, every nerve canal, every cell transfigured into Light.

With the throat.. Aqua Aura seeks Divine truths, truths of Source. In expression, any blocks or imbalances are removed, so the throat becomes a tool, a voice for the heart, a voice that is in complete union with the Soul. When the Aqua Aura energy meets the heart, it cools hot emotions like anger, agitation, over excitement or anxiety. It is worth mentioning that this stone works deeply and intensely so do approach it with that knowing.  Aqua Aura has a ‘stirring’ quality , quite unique in the Mineral Kingdom.. it somehow knows what needs to stirred or brought into upheaval.. leaving no stone unturned !


AZURITE  ‘Toward the night sky’   01.02.2014   On the cool peaceful nights as we gaze starwards, we inherently connect with the mystical within us. Certain stones remind us of this connection, even when there is not the nights canopy overhead, one such stone is Azurite. Soft dark and deep in resonance it stretches across ever-expanding to infinite lengths across the great arc of the sky. Stellar and lunar, this stone reaches towards the depth of spirit and the fathomless depths of the unconscious and subconscious minds. It journeys one to the spiritual realm with a goal to seek out truth and awareness of all that is hidden. The Earth that we inhabit becomes unified with the heavenly realms that are held above us, ever reminding us of where we came. In the past this stone was revered by the Atlanteans and the Egyptians as a stone of the skies, its name originating by association to the Persian word for blue ‘lazhard’, like its stellar cousin, Lapis Lazuli. A stone to open celestial gateways and bring forth visions, heralding momentous prophecies and ancients truths spiraled with great wisdom known to our ancient forefathers.

Existing right across the northern hemisphere in Scandinavia, Russia and China and in the southern hemisphere in Africa, Australia and Chile this deeply saturated midnight blue stone is a copper mineral produced by the weathering of copper ore deposits, not a friend of water and quite fragile this stone needs to be handled delicately. Treat it well and it will accompany you into deep sleep and deep mediation where gems of truth may be found. Psychic senses are guided by the truth of the Light and intuition is greatened. The process of filtering such information for communication is eased and guided, and accuracy is heightened to a point of deep truth. With the help of Azurite the process of journeying into past lives is more well guided, as your mind integrates gathered information into present day with better grace and ease.

Azurite is one of the top stones for working with the mind. It breaks through illusive patterns, breaks down useless defunct negative patterns of thinking, letting you live free of old mental constraints. Under these circumstances, then the higher mind may be drawn in to anchor more fully. Your perspective, choices, expansiveness, awareness, ways of thinking, you will see altered – as a new pattern for the nervous system is created. As this blueprint is laid down, all workings of the mind, such as memory, deciphering information, focus and organization is improved. You will see no sense and no wish to delve into torrents of worry as Azurite gently slips you into its graceful path.

Sometimes Azurite occurs with another cousin, Malachite. The soft deep green of Malachite soothes one further in its stream-like journey to the heart, understanding the murmurings of the heart and quietening the chatterings of the mind; it will seek to understand both. Malachites deep green ray breathes in the mossy balm of Nature and Azurite cushions the mind in a deep quietness while the heart breathes into fuller growth and expansion. Azurite also occurs with Chrysocolla, a turquoise cousin of the sea, blissfully sunkissed and dancing in the waves, this combination breathes in life, fluidity, and a burst of creativity and an urge for living life that sings as it springs through the oceans. Sound frequencies are heightened here so sonorous lilts lift in and out of our earth temple bodies chanting the celestial movements of the skies and the great divinity deep within the children of the stars.

BLACK TOURMALINE   ‘Forward into the New Earth Being’   01.11.2013   As we move forward into the New; grounding and integrating the very high vibrational energies available to us these days can be some challenge for our human selves. In making the transition from the 3rd Dimension into 5th Dimension, greater adaptation and flexibility is required of us than perhaps ever before. So here we need allies; Black Tourmaline is one such ally for these present day challenges.

As we rollercoaster towards the solstice in December our bodies need to stay firmly planted on our Beloved Earth. How can we do this? Firstly accepting our Earth bodies as being an integral part of our Earth experience; whatever growth we make on a vibrational level must be mirrored in our physical body cells. By fully integrating and anchoring these highest Divine frequencies, our DNA – Divine Natural Awareness- may be fully activated and upgraded to ‘New Earth Being’ status.

The rapid rate of transformation that we experience as we move into the 5th Dimensional awareness can put some considerable strain on our physical bodies. Black Tourmaline can help step down such effects partly by connecting our base chakra with our Earth Star, below the feet, our anchor point and connection point to the Earth. As it occurs, the integration of light becomes more steady, more ‘digestable’, grounded and stabilised into the body and energy fields. Meanwhile as this downloading of light goes on, Black Tourmaline will support you in the ensuing detoxification process that often occurs as one assimilates the ‘new order of light’.Part of the Tourmaline family, its name originates from the Singalese word ‘tourmali’ which means ‘semi-precious‘ stone, also sometimes referred to as ‘Schorl’. Its striations that run parralell to its length hint at its properties in bridging Earth and Heaven; dynamically running energy ‘as above so below’. Union between Earth and sky, a willing participant in our journey back to Source. Such frequency change can be unerving for some especially if physical side effects occur- like dizziness, disorientation or chronic exhaustion- again Black Tourmaline will help receed these symptoms giving you time to get used to your new body! In return you receive a nourished life-force and greater capacity for Earth living in your Earth body. Part of the new way of being is to fully own your power, and live in an empowered way, this stone encourages to be the great being you are, never in victim consciousness. Black Tourmaline is ‘self-assuring’ on a number of levels. Forthright and resiliant with very steady feet on the ground, it stimulates ‘life within’ your being – ease in the physical body, vitality, emotional stability, mental strength, empowerment, assertiveness, capability, response-ability, it also strengthens the immune & nervous system.

All Tourmalines hold electrical quality (as do many crystals) electrically charged, being positive at one end, negative at another, such piezoelectric properties show this stone has a ready adherence to the technological world. When around computers, mobile phones, office equipment, pylons, mobile phone masts.. the electromagnetic stress that inccurs can be detrimental to our beings, especially to us sensitive newly forming human beings! As I often remind people, just because you cant see or feel it, it doesn’t mean its not there!

Increasing amounts of studies point towards the longterm ill-effects of electromagnetic stress. While there are many products available online to protect yourself, if you want to use a ‘crystalline protector’ Black Tourmaline is the best stone you can currently get ( I say currently  because new stones to match our current needs are surfacing all the time ) Simply place a large-ish piece of it next to the offending object and let it do the work, then cleanse weekly.

Not only does Black Tourmaline work in the field of the man-made, it also works in the haphazard placement of buildings on land causing geopathic stress. Even in nulifying or reducing effect from radiation, chemotherapy, or any internal toxidity, Black Tourmaline can help.. By using Black Tourmaline on your person or in your enviornment you will be able to negate such effects enough so that they are not damaging your physical and etheric fields. Many have become numb to such negative side-effects of human living. As we re-senstize we become aware again of how much we are actually being effected by these constant barage of influences – we must ask the question how would our beings be without them? The recent switchover to digital TV apparently is freeing up space in our galaxy. As recently reported in New Scientist magazine when U.S TV watchers made the same switch from analogue to digital, astronomers could suddenly see whole galaxies which were previously not visible!

How would our societal landscape look if our greater capacities were at the fore; matching the all new all powerful all loving human beings that we are all becoming? There are so many patterns & conditioned ways of living that we have that we are not aware of, sometimes its only by a new way of doing things comes along that we realise that our old way of doing things was actually totally outdated and was not actually functioning that well. These patterns of disharmonious living which are not congruent to the mighty beings of light that we areally are, cause such tension within us, again it is only when we breathe out the old and breath in the new, what relief we feel.. The type of dynamic lightening rod like grounding that Black Tourmaline gives us also creates a natural boundary of light around you protecting you from negative appendages of human living that we are prone to. Through regular use of Black tourmaline you will achieve great balance and wholeness during your synthesis as you transmute to ‘solidified light’ – part of the Light of Source that you ultimately are…


BLUE LACE AGATE 01.03.2015   ‘Sound of silence’


This quiet stone forms in bands of beautiful ultra violet blues often crystallizing with Quartz at its surface. It works primarily on the throat centre. It speaks softly; and is a graceful friend to anyone who wishes to use words and expression with care, discernment and wisdom. When truth needs to be spoken this soft Agate will direct you to the words that will best express, the closest syllables that you may utter for the picture you are trying to paint through words.

In the process, Blue Lace Agate will help you to recognize and stay loyal to the truth when it comes to you, whether from your internal or external world.. Often one has had the experience of being rejected, judged or misunderstood in the past when speaking; here Blue Lace supports you in moving past those painful experiences, moving past those blocks so your words may flow freely again. Sometimes such experiences can lodge like little hardened stones inside the throat centre so much so that there is little confidence or ability to express at all. Continued use of this Agate will stir the composure and security needed to express and spur you forward on to new heights – a valued rock to anyone who works in the public speaking domain. And for the opposite, for those who find themselves in a constant stream of words, Blue Lace will help fine tune and select, and support the use of positive and uplifting sounds.

On the other branch, this stone is in silence. Silence, an often unnoticed and under used gift, has a great hidden power within in it. It may hold a quiet swell within, allowing gravity, momentum and profundity to build; in anticipation of what is coming; bookending the vibrational dance of conversation. For those uncomfortable with silence, Blue Lace Agate helps one to feel settled within that space, unafraid of the presence often felt during that quietness and also the weight of words unspoken…

The other area this stone works well in is with the inner child. Most especially the male inner child, and particularly if that inner child has not in the past ( or present ) given opportunity to speak as freely as it needed to. For the adult male, it supports men to feel comfortable with their tender and soft feelings, and helps them to have gentleness with themselves, and not see those feelings as any kind of weakness but instead gifts of a greater soul. In fact this tone works as a balm to all sensitives, soothing worries or agitated mental states. It also cools hot emotions or impassioned thoughts. It exudes into its environment peacefulness, elegance, a sense of acceptance that all is as it should be in the most highest scheme of things.



CARNELIAN   ‘Connected’   01.04.2014    This vibrant rich chalcedony is brim full of earthly gifts to cherish the body and soul.. strong in evolutionary strength and deeply connected to the Earth and her seasons, this stone is filled with the richness that comes as part of feeling a deep sense of belonging to Earth as home. The Earth that records and holds the many stories… Supportive during transformative times of change or challenge, the warmth and beauty of this stone softens and soothes the shock or unsteadiness that comes with rocky transitions. Grounding and balancing to the base, sacral and solar plexus energy points, it provides a strength that comes when one is anchoring to the deep resourcefulness of the Earth. The physical world is echoed beautifully in the many shades of orange reds and browns Carnelian exhibits.

Trust in the world and its many facets are understood through a deeper understanding of how its people as a whole may work together and how we may move forward as One race. Through our shared existence on the Earth we realize on a cellular level just how deeply interconnected we all are and how together we are stronger. Even towards the end of an incarnation Carnelian holds space for the transition between death and rebirth, softening and cushioning the unknown or misunderstood. Carnelian is ‘hearty’ in a physical and wholesome way, it regenerates the lifeforce after it has been damaged, stimulates renewal and inspiration to move forward. Drive, willpower and purpose is reignited. You will want to take action and physically manifest with this stone, it mightily urges your warrior spirit.  Quickening metabolism and the assimilation of nutrients, it encourages overall health of each system of the body – particularly the digestive. It supports detoxification and making the body’s cells more receptive to new vibrant energy. Drawing new blood into the organs and tissues, naturally regaining strength and stamina. This will centre and strengthen ones place of personal power centre to lifeforce. The sacral chakra is central to the lifeforce of the body; it holds the flow of energy and is the center of gravity of the body thus important that the sacral chakra feel balanced and nurtured.There is a nice interaction between the male and female forces at play within Carnelian. In Egyptian times this stone was known as the ‘setting sun’, associating its hues with the fertility of the mother goddess Isis, while also considered to activate male fertility and sexuality, and a balm to the male midlife crisis. This combination then producing quite a stimulus to sexual intimacy within the body. The type of body confidence that this warm colour brings rekindles passion and desire, and stimulating fertility and all forms of conception. Carnelian seeks to remind you of the joy of sensuality and the pleasures of life.

 Body communication is one of Carnelians specialties – given a large percentage of our overall communication rests on being through the body and non-verbal.. it is then important that our non-verbal communication be up to speed, right ? Carnelian is all about social confidence, giving you an upbeat ability for public speaking/performance – bestowing you with a flow like eloquence which is more intuitive and spontaneous. Its connection with the sacral chakra tunes you into gut feelings and all other forms of non-linear communication. Because Carnelian is full of positive force, it will make sure then that what you do communicate is positively filled, joyous and optimistic.

When you apply this energy to your work you will be brought far as this is the energy to ignite goal setting, purpose, will power and motivation, ramping up your self belief and firing up boundless creativity, this stone stirs the fires of creation and production. Carnelian is set firmly in the present tense, so it is from this place that you manifest forward for the future.  Feelings of victory and success will drive you further and veer away from procrastination or indecision.  This is the stone of ‘make it happen’.


CELESTITE   ‘The heavenly light’    01.05.2014   This sublime blue grey stone holds a space for peacefulness and harmony for the Earth, all upon it and the whole of creation.. emanating serenity and ease, a stillpoint in our changing world. When this combination of awareness and centeredness comes into contact with the human being, the normal human consciousness transcends to the Angelic realm.. quietening all earthly noises so all awareness is brought to all other planes of existence.

 Once the gateways are open, this heightened state brings access to and communicates with your guardian angel, spirit guides, Archangels and the great wisdom of the Masters who reside in the realms of Illumined Truth. These universal energies swirl in through and around your energy bodies til you are effervescent with Divine light. This is a good stone to use regularly to keep ones energy fields cleansed and revitalized.. while harmonizing and balancing the male and female energies within the body. As an aid to meditation and sincere prayer Celestite supports you in contemplative being-ness and stillness. During dreamtime Celestite will stimulate your lucidity and interaction within the dream giving you opportunity to navigate through your dreams and draw forth healing and growth. This stone is also a stimulant to all forms of clairvoyance.

The chakra points that Celestite most readily works upon are the throat, crown, soul star, stellar gateway chakras, all of the chakras that point towards the heavens. Some sources say this special blue stones was brought forth from the Pleiades.. a seed from the stars moistened by the iron rich water of the Pleiades planted 100 million geodes into the Earth through the North to South America to Madagascar & Tunisia… Celestite is a real tonic for the emotional body; a well of tranquilty and peacefulness, it purifies away anxieties and worries that disturb the emotional body, restoring a faith and trust in the Universal order of all things. It helps you to reestablish your belief and connection to your inner knowing when outer world circumstances have swayed you, replacing all with hope and ease..

To begin again there is always forgiveness; releasing mental emotional psychic constraints of the past, moving on from a point of compassion. Purity of heart can only be gained when the heart is not heavy with sadness, so why not become a wellspring of joy instead!

 Coupled with the balm that it is to the emotions, this stone will also attract a more soothed calmed mind. Mental clarity and creative thought is its strongpoint, but it is particularly known for its ability to bring clarity focus and discernment to a distracted or upset mind, Celestite is gentle stone in troubled waters rippling out waves of limitlessness relief, with a gentle power and a gentle strength so firm footing can be found again on stability and security. Sometimes one has to look from above to see what is really below. Celestite brings you to that lofty place, above and beyond where thought is more expansive and without borders. Upon the throat and in expression, Celestite flowers open speech and eloquence. In truth and clarity our words are summoned to align with higher vibrations of light, in speech and in written form, Celestite points towards the Truth..

CHRYSOCOLLA   ‘Air to breathe’   01.08.2013   With the expansion and forward growth of the soul there often comes an urge to ‘push out’ felt limitations or restrictions often around the heart/chest area and throat; as the soul seeks this freedom within the physical confines of the body. Chrysocolla supports all forms of expansion, expression and the need for air. Its vibrant blues and greens soothe and calm when the heart groans under pressure -  the fresh blue skies and wide oceans that Chrysocolla reminds us of delivers in its ability to refresh and re-expand the heart to new heights and new breadths. With a peaceful, forgiving and gracious air, Chrysocolla balms the restless, anxious or searching heart. It moves heart energies towards balance and wholeness, forever healing and life-giving, as inner strengths are renewed and rejuvenated.

When Chrysocolla is found growing with Malachite the heart is further supported into depths of healing – slipping in with energies of grace and ease. If during this process negativity surfaces Chrysocolla will bubble it away with renewed enthuasiasm for life, turning your heart in the direction of all that is new and in the light. Its form and pattern is reminiscent of its Earth–body connections, land and sky, sky and water.. attuning your body to the Earth body, with grounding and balance – setting up a grid of communication and alignment between your spiritual being and the Mother Gaia. In your body it balances and regulates metabolism and all the body systems and the physical spiritual mental emotional bodies. The sound of creation sings through the earth and waters of the Earth body, like it does through our earthly body cells. But often these waves of sound do not so much make our cells sing, more like murmer with old energies and damaging thoughtforms. Chrysocolla in its natural exhuberance begins this song again..

Beckoning you towards all forms of expression, Chrysocolla forms a bridge between the heart and the throat, cleansing and opening up that bridge. Part of this union is the understanding of all types of sound – the sound of silence, the sound of words and the sound of the voice & instrument. Helping full expression of truth and inner wisdom to be heard – soothing thoughts into words and sounds. Orientating words so they form a reality or a vibrational picture.

Chrysocolla also teaches one to understand the power that words have; if spoken from the heart how the gentle feminine goddess energy of the Earth syphons through and true communication flowers.. and the creative forces of the Earth then support you as you engage in all forms of communication and co-operation.

The feminine forces of the stone are gently strong, even more so if coupled with the presence of Cuprite, a dark reddish grounded mineral, like a sister to Hematite. If this whole ‘mineral picture’ resonates with you then you should feel something ancient and enduring rising within you, as your being connects with the legacy of this Earth and other blue-green planets. When Chrysocolla touches the mind the same fresh air filters in through and around the nerve pathways bringing the air and water elements to the subconscious plateaus and leveling the heart and the head with balance and equilibrium – cool calm and even. When found in combination with Azurite it reaches up to the quiet night skies of thought after the sun sets and the breezes are softer – stilling thought and spirit, sound and being.


CLEAR QUARTZ   ‘Light made Physical’   01.01.2015

Awakening us into 2015, we have one of the great lifestreams of the Mineral Kingdom – the silica based Clear Quartz. This rock is natively familiar to this planet and others spread across the cosmos.. the veins of this Earth run thick with Quartz, tangibly present, streams of Quartz run through the myriad of landscapes that layer this great Earth. Quartz, speaks of and through, the Earth.. it has within it a knowledge, a spatial and transcendent awareness of the earthly kingdom that transcends any human knowledge of the Earth. It is an offspring of Earth, a genesis of the creational forces that made Earth, and it forms a significant part in the crystalline foundation of the Mineral Kingdom, geologically and etherically.

Its main chemical component is silica… Like crystallized seeds of light, these germs of potential dotted like lamps in the quiet dark caves of Earth, sing out to the world above them. As they graduate towards the earth’s surface, this ‘salt’ of the earth, may meet Manganese, Iron or other components and bring us different fruit.. but here we will speak about Clear Quartz.

The template of Light that Clear Quartz holds as part of the Earth body-being gives it an innate understanding of the human body-being. The same construct of ‘light engineering’ that maps the Earth also maps the human; the result of which being that with the tidal waves of consciousness that run through humanity, those same waves are felt far below the earth’s surface, reaching deep into the tunnels of Earth, affecting how Earth is as a body-being. We have seen how the waves of mass consciousness have been effecting the Earth in the massive geological and climatical changes we have witnessed especially in the last 15 years.

Clear Quartz holds the special quality of being ‘piezoelectric’; meaning it has the capacity to magnify, amplify, conduct and focus whatever energy or intention it is programmed with. In the outer world, we have seen silica work its energy through revolutionary advances in technology, science and medicine. In the inner world of the human being, the crystalline form of the liquid crystal body matrix and the DNA structure react in the same manner to the piezoelectric effects of Quartz. Light, specifically crystallized light, interacts with your DNA, grounding that light into your physical body, this light then triggers changes in your being moving you further down your evolutionary path. Kirlian photography will show you that when a person holds a Quartz crystal , the energy field is at least  doubled, and if held for a half an hour there is an increase in theta and delta brainwaves.

So, when Clear Quartz ( or any silica based mineral) is placed on the body or worked with, the body will automatically recognise it, just as the Earth does. Such is the unity between Earth and the human being.

Clear Quartz is one of, if not the, best tools to work with if you wish to program a crystal for the anchoring and amplification of a positive thought-form or intention, or to expand or focus a stream of energy. It is one of the best stones to grid another crystal with to spread its effects further or deeper into the body, energy fields or systems. Its closeness to light in a crystallized form means it is very efficient in clearing blockages, psychic debris, negative energies or programs, electromagnetic and geopathic stress. The origin of the word Quartz comes from the Greek word ‘krystallos’ meaning ice.. icey-clean ! The only force that is required actually with Quartz is the inimitable power of human lifeforce to activate the running of its energies, and the inimitable power of human love which is the frequency with which you will see the most powerful results; such is true for all members of the Mineral Kingdom.


EMERALD  ‘Renewal and Redirection’  01.09.2013   These last months we have seen much growth and plenty in all of the greenery around us, the Kingdom of Nature is wide awake! Now, as we reach further into the cycle of the seasons, are we feeling right and ready for Autumn? Well, if you haven’t found space during the summer months for reevaluation, then not to worry, all is well, the heartfelt energies of Emerald are here to guide you home. Within Emerald are held many inclusions; Jewellers call these inclusions ‘jardin’ (garden) because of a likeness to a meadow growing inside the crystal.Emerald holds space for you much like a garden. In this garden there is alignment with the Plant Kingdom and there is alignment with space, rather than form. Space that allows you to feel your inner body and your inner world, a space of unconditioned consciousness where you can access great creativity and truth..

The movement of breath in itself creates space. Through Emerald rhythm is brought to this breath connecting us in the present with the eternal cycles of the future. This is reflected in our outer lives by the experience of greater synchronicity and harmony. Through this our consciousness understands the immortal cycle of our evolution. We are shown through the ‘jardin’ – breathing in the pure life giving, life affirming air of Emerald we find passageway through the inner labyrinth of the heart. There in this place of peace and truth, anchored firmly in the present, our heart is ready to speak to us.

Perhaps you are needing to take some new direction, make some decisions, redefine your boundaries or redefine how you are living ? Emerald will help you to align to this heart wisdom. This ‘heart wisdom’ is traced cell by cell, as your physical and etheric bodies become strengthened and attuned to the wisdom of the Earth – ready to recieve that restful reassuring energy that dear Mother Nature freely gives us. Once you are more aligned to your ‘Divine Nature’, you are more equipt to live out your potential as the Divine being that you are. This Queen of the Beryl family gently shows us the wisdom of having faith hope and ease in all transitions in our lives. She particularly supports transitions of the heart. In times of loss or heartbreak, Emerald gently and sensitively calms the emotions, bringing healing at a pace that best suits you. You will be guided to a place of renewed sense of self love and compassion. As holder of the water element, its soothing energies weave through the emotional body bringing peace and reassurance. The Emerald gives us an innate understanding of the divine order of things and then imprints this understanding onto our ‘heart map’.

It is not only in the heart that gains us renewal, Emerald also gives us new eyes to ‘see’… into our inner and external world. During Roman and Grecian times , these precious gems were used as eyes for their statues, with gazes said to dazzle right across the seas. How’s that for expansive vision! Emeralds are a primary holder of the green ray; so hold all of the qualities of the colour green. Green can be a very resful sojourn; particularly healing for too much ‘screen-time’ or tired eyes. It also gives clarity to the mind, and structure to the thought processes.

 The grade of jewel that we are used to seeing in crystal shops largely comes from Brazil. Some sources say that Brazil holds great heart energy for our planet, we look forward to seeing how it lights up for the next Olympic games in 2016!  Brazil holds a further connection with Emerald – it is near neighbour to the Mexican Yucatan peninsula where the Emerald Tablets of Thoth were found. Brought by Atlantean priests, forefathers of the Mayas, after the demise of Atlantis these tablets found their home placed beneath the altar of one of the great temples of the Sun God. Incredibly, these tablets, 13 parts in total, formed from some alchemical substance, have denied the laws of ionization; with fixed atomic and cellular structure these tablets are impenetrable to time. Also pretty impenetrable to read, the characters engraved upon them are in ancient Atlantean language said only to respond to attuned thought waves which then release the assiocated mental vibration into the mind of the reader.. 

 Emerald also features in the Cleopatras Emerald Mines of circa 1300BC. There along the southern end of Egypt amid a vast desert some Acacia trees – a tree sacred to Hathor the Egyptian goddess of mines – lies ‘Mount Smargadus’- Emerald Mountain … long abandoned now but at one time this area was a den of activity as the Queen was served by thousands of bees (miners) searching out those precious green nuggets. Gemstones have always had fashions through the ages, but during Cleopatras times, Emerald were the stones that said ‘I have succeeded’. Interesting how this expression of success and wealth has carried through the ages. Emerald still holds that connection to abundance and blessings; through its alliance with the green bounty of Nature – exemplifying its message of ‘abundant way of being’. Here on the ‘Emerald Isle’, in midst of massive transformation, we have now great opportunity to plant Emerald seeds that harness our inner purpose and liberate our inner freedom; for us and for the new emerging Earth.

FLUORITE   ‘Redefinition’   01.02.2013    Having arrived in the new lands of 2013, having journeyed through the birth canal of 21.12.2012, where have we found ourselves? Certainly, whatever body temple you are housed in, we have all been having varying experiences this last few months. So which crystal ally can guide us now, no matter what manner of experience you may are having… Fluorite. Each colour and form of which, serves to re-define our beings and our experience of reality. As we move and expand into 5th Dimensional light, a myriad of emotions and energies in each of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies have come up for cleansing and transmutation. As we download and integrate this new light on Earth, yes, much is being brought up and held close to our eyes whereby there is no way we cannot see it!

The ‘light-fuel’ of the 5th Dimension is such that it enables us to reach the great fathomable depths of our being – before undiscovered and unknown. While this upheaval goes on, Fluorite serves in clearing and releasing energies and thoughts from the body, mind and emotions; as the old is cleared out, renewed annals of light are furrowed through to help ground and integrate more light to spur us further in our journey. The light is assimilated into the physical adhering to the already present light energy that permeates all physical substance. As we transit to our newer form Fluorite reconfigures our perception on reality – especially higher vibrational realities. It helps to decipher information that is psychically channelled so the messages are clearly and accurately received. Insights during meditation are clearer and one can rest assured as ones discernment is more guided..

Fluorite’s real ‘niche area’ though is in the workings of the mind. Unifying right and left hemispheres, balancing and harmonising conflicting thoughts. It connects with the higher mind that lives in the Divine realms of Truth and light. In this state of unified consciousness, one can connect with the Divine mind of humanity and the seeds of Unity Consciousness. This co-ordination also occurs in thinking process, co-ordinatating thoughts, organising them into a nice understandable coherent stream. Fluorite is a stone of great order and discipline, it brings form and structure to all that it is near – working our beings and our minds towards the blueprint of the perfected state that the Mineral Kingdom is always working to impress upon the Human Kingdom.

Use to help focus and discipline any mental work, further your mental capacities, for memorising and organizing information, clarifying thoughts and concentration. The mind becomes an acute tool for working with …as it should be. With effectiveness, quick thinking and efficiency in our mental operations, this stone is a marvellous tool for any projects that require dynamic efficient clear thought. It also places a steady barrier against negativity, negative thought-forms or psychic debris and a tonic for electromagnetic and geopathic stress. Another quality Fluorite brings to the mind is its ability to stretch and expand our usual mental boundaries into limitlessness, freedom and space within the mental body, rapidly delivering optimised expanded inspired thoughts, Fluorite operates with the framework of the bigger picture accompanied by an objective viewpoint. A stone of piercing truth, Fluorite disperses disillusionment within your perceived reality, your ‘personal picture’ and steadily funnels All towards Truth. With this gemstone mastery, we are already Victorious!

To a lesser extent it works on the emotional body, dispeling anxiety and worry and instilling a more determined free spirited self that is fearless of the future. Physically Fluorite supports the skeletal structure, steadying you up with light as you go through your changes! In supporting the nervous system, it releases toxicity from the body, the muscles and the respiratory system. All Fluorites work in the above way, the individual colours add the following extra somethings….Green Fluorite works as a spring cleaner, transmuting all into light, heralding in growth and regeneration, always on the pathway to truth. Yellow Fluorite stimulates the intellect and the creative forces, it seeks to unify and connect towards a common purpose while bringing in a sunny optimism. Purple Fluorite works with the rational and intuitive mind, while steadying the psyche with mystic understanding. Blue Fluorite introduces calm communication and faithful communion with the Divine realms. Clear Fluorite balances and clears the energy body bringing qualities of purity and sincerity.

GODDESS STONE  ‘Earth journeys’  01.04.2015

The Goddess stone is one of the most loving stones of all within the mineral kingdom.. forming in soft rounded shapes, flowing in smooth harmonious lines, this gentle and tender stone comes to us in shades of white, creams and beiges, sometimes with tickles of pinks, oranges or reds.. This stone is most definitely a ‘she’ though its other name is actually ‘Menalite’ (men-a-lite). It speaks to the light within all forms, male, female and our plant, animal, devic and mineral kingdoms included.

Reminiscent of the rolling hills and seas and the many forms that make up this great Earth, the Goddess stone takes us into her embrace, lovingly connecting us with the ground beneath us and the seas beyond us, nurturing our being as we go through the many transitions that make up earthly life. Aligned with the earth star, base and sacral centres; taken into the arms of the ancient Goddess, the human being births several times. We are reminded to savor precious times of birth however they may manifest; and as we trace the many learning curves of life and bend many twists and turns, we transition into new pastures, new realms, all the while being held in the cradle of the Goddess – the cradle of the Divine Feminine.

The soft smooth forms of Menalite remind us to be gentle and easy with ourselves when we step forward. New beginnings are often unnerving, but once we sink into the present with it, sink into being in the moment of where we are without fear, that anxiety can be dissipated and you may then bask fully in the pleasure of the moment and discover many forms of greatness. In a sense this stone symbolizes the ‘baby steps’ recommended in any circumstance where the inner child needs to be held by the hand. You can choose Goddess stone to be with you through all cycles of life, all developments, it may meander through life with you as you travel over seas to new lands. Being with Menalite will show you how to be in the flow and stay in the flow of life, encouraging you to release the past and embrace the new. Unsuprisingly this mineral is a support the procreative space; for all kinds of conceptions, pregnancies, gestation, labours and births; and also at times of death, transition into the Light and rebirth.

The point of connection that you make with your soul is an important point for you to celebrate, remember and be aware of. From the umbilical cord to the soul to the journey within and outside the womb.. the soul must maintain its connection with Source in order to be continually fed; this stone is the food that will enrich your connection with the Great Mother Goddess.

HERKIMER DIAMOND   ‘Emissary of Light’    01.03.2014   Though this stone is heralded a Diamond, it is in fact a type of Quartz, a very high powered high frequency Quartz though, and one that hails originally from Herkimer county in New York state. Since being found in several other places across the globe, this little mineral has gained widespread attention through its sparkling shine and its capacity to channel through high frequency energy with the force of greatest light. Holding within it, like Quartz, all of the colours of the spectrum, red through to violet to clear, it is composed of silicon dioxide, the Earth’s most common mineral compound. Often formed with inclusions of Rutile or Goethite, Its hardness comes in at 7.5 and its form comes multifaceted, directing laser light through its multiterminations.

This stone works like Quartz in that it is  ‘light made physical’, it amplifies, focuses, magnifies and clarifies energy. It powers thoughts and intentions, and the environment in which it is in, by producing a force-field of negative ions, and clearing positive ions. The difference with Herkimer Diamond though is that it does this in ‘turbo’ style! It clears the pathway forward clearing congested areas, reaching through toward great expansion, clearing toxins and blockages in the physical mental and emotional bodies, while also clearing electromagnetic pollution and radioactivity.

What this type of energy does to the mental body is it brings unparalleled clarity of thought, focusing energy necessary for physical manifestation; and circum navigates towards the highest levels of truth. Working with this stone means that normal human perspective is transcended and thought is raised and expanded into limitlessness with infinite horizons. Automatically then, as energy follows thought, this keeps ones state of mind in alignment and connection with your eternal self, the part of you that knows and recognises Source of oneself.  So then from that space, life uncurls in front of you in neverending flow…

Herkimer Diamond will work on any part of your body that needs movement, however it best works with the 3rd eye, crown and transpersonal chakras. In the development of all manners of clairsentience, telepathic communication, dream recall, and any form of interdimensional work, this bright little gem is unsurpassed. Meditational journeys are lit up with vivid Images. The activity within these journeys can be quite fast and full of buoyant activity as you ‘multi-process’. This stone has another extraordinary feature. It has a remarkable connection with the DNA.  Quartz and Herkimer interact with the DNA in such a way that it rebuild and repairs the cellular structure. The earth element aspect of all crystals then grounds that light into the entire physical body. This light triggers changes in your being that will move you further down your evolutionary path. As individual consciousness is worked upon there is a subsequent effect on the mass consciousness, the Oneness that we All create together on Earth.  Quartz and the power of Herkimer Diamond is ideal for doing any kind of gridding or Earth healing work as a unification occurs with between your being and the Earths being bringing forth a ‘togetherness’ in the future of the Earths realities.

LABRADORITE    ‘A glimpse of Source’   01.10.2012    There are some places on this planet that exhibit the same kind of dancing lights like that of Labradorite, and those are the polar regions – the Northerly points of the Northern Hemisphere where you can see the Northern Lights, the Aurea Borealis. The coming months are actually the best time of year to see them, we are also told that due to increased solar flare activity this year we will be seeing the most ever recorded activity in the skies.. It is from these same regions that Labradorite and its sibling Spectrolite hail from. Labradorite (named after where it was first found in Labrador, Canada) hails also from northerly Russia and Greenland. Spectrolite’s origins are Scandanavian, its name derived from its ‘spectrum’ of colours.

These stones are ethereal in nature; like the Northern Lights, when a play of green gold blue and sometimes violet colours dance we are moved to a place that lifts our hearts to the heavens. Threaded through the hours of day to day life, it can be a connection point between the ethereal realms and the Earth plane; filtering through waves of timelessness. Finding stillness within time is a precious thing these days. Since the beginning of this year you may have noticed how days and weeks are moving by at warp speed. Massive shifts in how we experience ‘Earth time’ are taking place. In the past we experienced time in a more linear sense, past present and future felt like they were in a nice neat understandable line. Not anymore! Time is transmuting into ‘no time’ . Before we come to that place though rapid-time is more like what we will be feeling as we ramp up for the great cosmic moment of 21.12.2012..

Synchronicity is another aspect of life that we are noticing significant increase in, in our lives, our day to day movements, just like the movements of the stars and the planets – all synched together in some kind of incredible intricate harmony, showing us just how interconnected everything is. This synchronistic increase gives us undeniable proof as to these greater laws of the Universe. Use Labradorite to immerse yourself in the Universal flow and you will see how life can be a continuous flow of serendipitous events leading you to where you need to be. As you follow these clues, your destiny on this planet will begin to light up like an aeroplane runway.

My personal experience of the essence of Spectrolite was some years ago on a visit to Ylamaa, Finland, to a quarry near the Russian border. After a whirlagig journey trough silver birch trees and craggy grey outcrops we found ourselves at a treasure trove of granite boulders cradling a lake full of the bright shining glints of turquoise, cobalt blue and deep green Spectrolite. For several hours we hunted out those lumps of granite which had the most viridescent of colours. But somehow the Spectrolite deva was guiding us. With pure magic and rightness whichever way the sun shone on the granite rock or through the lake water we seem to be lead like in a trance around the quarry – divine timing, being in the right place at the right time; another signature tune of Spectrolite (and Labradorite). In fact, each step we made on the journey from Ireland to Finland seemed to be part of a greater plan; being kept in right timing – being in key places and key times.

But we don’t all haveto board a plane to see our ‘runway’; we can lift off right here in the present moment. Always the ally in other realms, Labradorite transports us through dimensional shifts to distant lands and other realities; inviting you into alternate planes of existence, through the veils, just like the thin layers of crystals that make up the double refraction of Labradorite. Here you may peer through the ‘unseen’ or make the unseen ‘seen’. These glimpses of awareness can give a great injection of magic, intuitive guidance and inner knowing into your experience of this world. Adding this extra dimension is particularly of benefit when you are working with any earthly matters.

If you feel like the angelic, elemental kingdom or cosmic realms is where you would find your treasures then go where you are called, Labradorite will be the guiding light. It has a very fine connection with the Natural world, its liveliness or ‘labradorescence’ serves as an antenna to the light of Creation, the light of Source; those flashes of light are a lighthouse to the seeker of truth and knowledge. Such resonance of truth is particularly useful in deciphering ‘the monkey of the mind’. Labradorite is the navigation tool through those corridors to support you in your discernment and persuit of truth. Use for direct access to your innate knowledge and in the assimilation of all information, to gain empowerment and strengthening of the spirit. Labradorite will be the beacon of light in the darkness to disperse disillusionment or despair. Through all life’s initiations, it offers hope and inspiration to live. In the ‘land of Divine potential’ it offers reassurance of the higher plan and ‘the higher plan of you’ ..


LAPIS LAZULI   ‘Fill the well’    01.06.2013   Travelling from Ruby’s fire last month we now reach the cool vast stillness of Lapis Lazuli. Speckled with the golden stars of Pyrite and threaded with white Calcite, Lapis’ deep azure blue beckons us towards deep space where sacred mysteries are found. Long known for its connection with the sacred texts of Egypt and Sumeria, Lapis journeys back to ancient civilisations where vast esoteric knowledge was held and revered. Known as a stone of the Gods and a stone of the skies; Lapis Lazuli is revered as a noble stone, seeking out ones inner queen or inner king, male and female, yin and yang; it exists royal and regal beckoning towards mysteries within. In the vast midnight sky of Lapis star wisdom from our stellar clans journies out from the cool quietness, circling through the Solar System, spinning into the cosmic consciousness of man, rolling between planetary and interplanetary; hu-man and evolutionary man.

 When it connects with the human mind an expanse of space is created, deep and vast, expanding at 360 degree angles. Concurrently mental endurance is strengthened and the dense subconscious mind is challenged to release stubborn negative thought patterns. The determinedness of Lapis triggers objectivity, widened perspective and clarity  …and somewhere during that journey of the unpredictable riptide of the mind …peace and calm comes. When the energies of Lapis meet at the throat, expression rises to new levels of truthfulness. Steady and ready as you are held to the truth of your being  - an enlightened empowerment tool for anyone who wishes to rise to the occasion of real communciation.

During times of rapid growth of spirtual awakening as an undertow of power quells deep within, Lapis Lazuli beckons you to continue your journey ahead, supporting you to fulfill your potential, as life rolls out in front of you. Lapis is guided by the Source of creation, so as you attune to its energies you are urged towards self realization and the ultimate goal of unification, achieveing Oneness on a deep cellular level. On any path of self reflection and the uncovering of truths, the golden stars of Lapis light the way to greater self awareness and self acceptance.

Light also comes to the intuitive eye, vision into the outer world and the inner world comes, insight arrives heavy with imagery and meaning. The gravitional pull of the present draws the soul in to seek deeper. At such times when the soul is drawn towards the path of self mastery, such new ways of being must be grounded into physical existance to be of use in your human life on Earth. Lapis honours this need by filtering the golden light of Pyrite from the celestial realms, harnessing into the well of your being, where the spark of creation ignites. Lapis held to the heart ensures the hearts voice is heard; the wisdom of the heart that knows no bounds and seeks no limits , in strength and in grace the inner workings of the heart engineer an entirely new master.

LARIMAR  ‘the breath of MU’  01.02.2015

This beautiful stone of the Hispaniola islands, luscious with its soft opalescent blues and whites, carries a gentle pulse of a swelling sea and a soft blue skies. It speaks of the time of Lemuria, or MU, a highly evolved civilization, seeded from stellar realms, once held as a continent in the Pacific ocean. The elements of water and air combine here to breathe the soft breath of MU. A breath of the Earth’s quiet softness, a coalescent understanding of love and the fluidity of the senses and feeling. Cool and sublime, transcendent of matter, an energy which lifts into soft realms of light. A beauty in a most loving form.

At the time of Lemuria, the beings that existed then walked in the fullness of the Earth, celebrating love and a harmonious way of being that pervaded through the land so that the ‘fluid’ air oozed with a blissful peacefulness and joy. Caretakers of the Earth, they celebrated their world with fruits and flowers in a garden-like paradise. These gentle souls built temples in harmony with the land underneath and the stellar realms above. Larimar encompasses the way of being at this time. Feminine and holding a gentle power that operates only for the highest good. This a stone that touches the heart, feelings, emotions, and all of the senses. It inhabits the ethereal realms, touches on the devic and the angelic, its connection with the human kingdom is through Love.

The Lemurians were at One with the animal and mineral kingdom, sharing their world with them as they did their children. The cetacean family spoke with them from the seas and the ocean around them was respected and honoured. It is this such communication that Larimar wills upon us; pure love, harmony and understanding being the undercurrent of all expression. Currently there is much resurfacing of Lemurian cellular memory of lives lived then, Larimar, along with other stones such as Herkimer Diamond and Topaz all at the third eye and or heart will support you to access such memory.

The Lemurian qualities of deep empathy, sharing, peacefulness and loving co-operation will be inspired within you with Larimar, thoughts of loving creation will swirl around you while you embrace the sweet air of divine attunement and truth. As you express yourself to others your words will soften to tunes of harmony and serenity. At the time of Lemuria, crystals and sound were important vehicles of communing with the Source; and the vibrations of sound and of crystalline structures will ring through for you more strongly in working with Larimar. When the heart and mind are tranquil then, true inspiration and clear thought can come and creativity can be birthed from a place of Love. When one operates from such highest frequencies like Love, then the highest potential may be achieved for oneself and your earth family.


LEPIDOLITE – Grace & Ease   01.09.2013  Lepidolite is very soft.. like its hardness level on the Mohs’ scale, only a 2.5- 4. This stone shows us what it is to live in a simplified graceful all accepting all trusting existence. It does this by primarily working on the emotional body.. bringing healing and harmony, fluidity, a natural flow feeling that curves and gently rolls over the rocks or obstructions we meet in life. Solid during times of chaos.. it stands defiant of unnecessary drama or over exertion of energy. The sense of balance and calm that it brings is very reassuring, a sense that all is well or at peace. This kind of grace and ease I relate to a time on the planet when life was significantly slower… and a lot quieter! Lepidolite is slow, easy and mindful and not in a rush to get anywhere.. pleasantly content to rest in the ever present ‘Now’. When there are challenging times being experienced Lepidolite encourages you to accept what is being presented to you with trust and surrender …soothing and balming any harsh edged realities. 

So this stone also naturally directs towards optimism and hopefulness. A useful friend in times of loss grief or hysterical upsets. An honest acceptance of what ‘is’ and the new phases of life. Lepidolite also instils a graciousness toward the unexpected or unwelcome events in our lives. In the mental body Lepidolite will help you to move on from addictions and or negative patterns; replacing stimulus instead with intellectual analysis and focus. The thought processes here are promoted to limitlessness and expansiveness.

In relationships Lepidolite brings a potent intimacy and a still understanding of yourself and another; engendering you with a sense of love and respect for all ways of being on this Earth. As a female, this gentle stone stirs up your feminine self, especially if it has been asleep for a while.. to a male it ushers in a way of working and being with the feminine side. For any journeys with the inner child, Lepidolite is a peaceful warrior and guardian through such a process. Particularly in times of pregnancy while connecting or communicating to the soul yet unborn, this mineral is a useful ally. 

It readily lends itself to connecting with the higher realms, a stone of consciousness – conscious living and conscious being – and in dream recall, conscious dreaming – so symbols and active participation in the dream state can be achieved. The alignment of this stone is with Unity consciousness -  visualising an ideal for Earth and how your personal connection with All that is and the humanity-community of Earth can play out or best serve. There is a connection point to the Akashic Records with Lepidolite aswell. In fact it is very easily part of the etheric flow and the etheric realms.. all in smoothness, grace and ease.


MALACHITE    ‘To the Heart of everything’    01.05.2014   This soft and deep inky green mineral has been with us for quite an expanse of time. Its vitreous banded form stretches right across the globe from Egypt to Russia to Australia to Africa to Chile. Rich in copper content, it may form in many ways.. with a silky luster or botryoidal or stalactic masses. Sometimes occurring with Azurite or Chrysocolla, it generally likes to grow wherever there is a significant copper deposit. Its roots are in copper but it stretches its deep rich greens up to the surface of the earth to All in the Nature Kingdom. This is the stone of the deep green forest with tall overhead branches and deep soft mosses underfoot, with quiet and gentle strength this stone oversees the hearts of man. Its first point of contact is in the physical body, as it strengthens our physicality and earthy selves, connecting us more deeply with the physical plane, it is the revitalizing and wholesome food of Nature. Like the bands of a tree it travels with us through the bands of time during transitional and transformational times, all forms of rebirth and gives fuel for the forward journey. It has its goal set for the spiritual evolution of the human race.

Indeed this stone has been with us a long time.. archeological evidence tells us that this mineral has been mined and smelted at King Soloman’s mines in Timna Valley on the Red Sea in Israel for over 3,000 years. As far back as 4000 BC Malachite was also mined in Sinai, used to reduce to copper metal – said to be the first real industry of this ancient world. This area around Sinai was considered to be the spiritual dominion of Hathor, Egyptian goddess known also as ‘Lady of Greenstone’ and ‘Lady of Malachite’. In some translations of the New Testament, malachite is one of the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem: “The foundations of the city wall were faced with all kinds of precious stone; the first with diamond, the second lapis lazuli…the eighth malachite…”  The gift of Malachite for this age is many, a tool for bringing practicality and organization to business, a form of material stability and prosperity. The energy of Malachite is ‘gathering many together’. This is because of its connection to Natures bounty. The other aspect of modern day it works on is in its support in protection against electromagnetic stress, plutonium pollution and radiation.

The most special gift in Malachite though lies in its workings with the dear human heart. This is one of the most healing heart stones you will find. Protecting, nurturing its centre point begins with you.. the core or the root of your loving both for self and others becomes firmly anchored within the core of your heart centre, this means that the love flows from ‘the well that is already filled’ or as the Arabs say ‘how can you fill the cup of others when you will not bring your own jug to the fountain?’. This is the first step. The next step Malachite brings you to is the heart boundary, within its banded lines it shows you where you need to lay your boundary, especially when one needs to stand firm in ones hearts truth. This so is a useful ally in all relationships – familial, romantic and in friendship.

The healing with this stone is gradual, layer by layer moving deeper and deeper with each breath, touching on negative patterns of the past to be brought up to the light and healed.  Malachite is of truth – here no stone will be left unturned; but assuredly this happens all at your own pace or in other words as divinely guided by your higher self. So naturally as part of the exhumation of the heart, negative or suppressed emotions will be released as the heart becomes physically and emotionally much stronger, being further built by Light. The heart can then become a place of peace and harmony, backed up by the mighty forces of Nature.

Also a fitting tool for the solar plexus the fresh air and breath of Nature reaches readily into the lungs and to the diaphragm to open up and bring more air into the chest, this has very positive effects on the solar plexus and really powers up ones depth of breath. The fresh deep green of Malachite when it reaches up to the nerve canals of the mind is soft airy and rich and full releasing, a thorough spring cleaner for this time of year…


OPTICAL CLEAR CALCITE    ‘Multi-experience’    01.07.2013   The formation of this stone explains much of its key qualities. A 3 dimensional parrallelogram ‘rhomoid’, outwardly and inwardly – inwardly atomical patterning of identical microscopic rhomoid shapes, outwardly it displays six interconnected parrallel planes, each with its own unique plane of reality. This double refracted Calcite also exhibits miraculous rainbows when turned to the light and with a steely clarity it reminds us of our ultimate state of flawlessness to which someday we will return – a chromic and sonic harmony adherant to the natural laws and reminiscent of a macrocosmic awareness of the Universe.

Through Optical Calcite you can experience multi layered realities – with the expanded awareness that this Calcite brings, the understanding of parralell realities and other dimensions comes. These realities interconnect and interact with eachother, piercing the veils of illusion and seperation, drawing out the possibility of the reconstruction of an entirely new reality – more specifically leading you to the one you want to inhabit ! Optical Calcite will then work with you to integrate this newly constructed reality. Any realities rooted in fear and old ways of being will be ushered out as the new order of the day arrives in.

Every quality of this stone is multidimensional. In deciphering the ‘truth roots’ of a situation, a renewed perspective, an altered angle or enlightened view lights up; bringing renewed refreshed insights; the level of insight being dependant on ones willingness to see such truths. This Rhomboid Calcite is also a bridge; between the spiritual planes and physical reality. Sinking in spiritual significance and soul lessons into our earthly day to day experience – so we are never so eluded to believe that what occurs on the earth plane is the ‘last call’ on what is really occuring in the Realms of Cause and the Realms of Illumined Truth. In fact with this Calcite, divine meaning permeates so viscerly into our physical existance that we cannot turn our heads from the true lessons of lifes experiences. In case this truth theme leaves you feeling a little too ‘real’ for comfort, there is a reward; and it lies in an certain kind of vibrant inner peace, a steely inner knowing and a very definate alignment to your spiritual self.

Another aspect of this stone works in communication –  to see the double meaning of words expressed, the two sides of every experience, especially relevant in difficult conversation where two souls inhabit entirely different realities. Your perspective of your past, future and its interelationship with your present is brought into focus as you see the patterns that continually repeat in your life experience. The repition of which can easily confuse which is your past and which is your present. In an effort to not stretch such repition further into the future, continually working with Optical Calcite will help you to break from seemingly ‘no solution’ problems and unravel from the seamless patterns of thought and behaviour and the rigidity of self imposed limiting belief systems that prevent evolution and real growth.

The mental and etheric bodies may then ‘evoltutionise’ from the mental realm into the realm of pure knowing. Insights, visions and intuitively guided information spring from the third eye. In the energy body, the natural forces of your being are amplified, blockages are cleared and the entire system is cleansed – trailblazing through the nervous system so new light and new information may shine- so that a new beginning may be heralded in and we live to see another day !

PYRITE   ‘Stamina Supreme’    01.03.2013   As we springboard into March emerging from the sleepy nests of winter, what crystal ally can give us the mighty force we need to re-approach life with enthusiasm and readiness, no matter how disarmed or disarrayed we may be feel in the new vibrational climate ? Step up Pyrite! For times that test ones inner ‘mettle’ , such calls for the inner armour and forthrightness of Pyrite. The metallic-ness of Pyrite relates to the male principle within and the biological and spiritual father. It relates to the spiritual being within the material world and the inner resolve that is tested by outer circumstances. It is another stone that catches its name from ‘fire’ – the fire of the Sun. All powerful, all pervasive light and vigour. Most often found in warmer climes, it carries the feeling of liveliness and exhuberance one gets in the Sun’s rays – it is warm, welcoming and reassuring to the entire being.

Pyrite anchors Divine light into the physical body, firmly and defintely. It settles the light into each and every body cell so it is integrated fully and so you are comfortable in your new suit of light! ; and in doing so fuelling the body with more efficency and ‘staying power’.  A marvellous tool to use in ‘standing your ground’ and feeling steady on your ‘earth-legs’ and steady in your ‘spirit-legs’. Pyrite pulls in the mammoth strength of the Earth Mother through your physicsl self, filling you with the elements of fire and earth. In doing this, the 3 lower chakras are strengthened and stabilised so that accomplishments on Earth are more easily achieved; in transitional phases of work, home, re-location. It also charges ones sexuality and sociability with positive expression. In working with the 3 lower chakras one’s confidence, self motivation and practical capabilities are activated. If you are searching for your inner strength Pyrite will help you find it! It boosts stamina, endurence, and gives you that extra fuel to drive you towards the finishing line. If commitment to a project, a relationship or a career path is the issue, Pyrite serves as an anchor in fully accepting ones decision or choice once made. If in the knots of human experience the will is exhausted and you feel disillusionment, the mettle of Pyrite will push you along til the ground beneath you feels even again. It has a very stimulating energy and should be used if you are weary and have need to liven up mentally or physically, Pyrite will put the zing back into you !

In the mental body, Pyrite furthers the empowerment of the mind with goal-orientated thought, organising thoughts into a practical manner so as to ensure a manifested outcome. It is excellent for aligning with the energies of abundance and manifestation. Unfortunately it is often referred to ‘fools gold’ despite its alignment to abundant living, I wonder could we re-name it ‘Divine birthright gold’ ? so linking us with our inherent manifestation qualities as students of Earth. On the subject of the presence of Pyrite, why is this treasure, of all mineral treasures, that is causing so much disruption in the foundations of so many Irish homes?

In the creative reserves, Pyrite works to stimulate the fountain of creativity within while barricading any negative or sabotaging thoughts that may come up whilst in your creative stream. It is helpful as an analytical tool – adept in working with any projects involving science, maths or astrology, prehaps reflected in the angularity of the cubic form of Pyrite; it presents the form of accruecy, perfected form and principles of sacred geometry.

RHODOCHROSITE    ‘A rosy balm‘    01.11.2014   Named by the Greeks for its likeness to the rose, this Calcite-banded rosy rich mineral spreads it luscious red orange pinks throughout the planet.. South America, South Africa, Russia, but most specifically in Argentina where this mineral dripped into formation stalagmites/tites in the 13th century Incan silver mines!…and in the more present tense, in the Sweet Home mine of Alma, Colorado where in 2002 it was made the official state mineral; because this mine was so prolific and because it produced some of the highest caliber Rhodochrosite crystals ever.. like the ‘Alma King’, a single 15 cm crystal.

When this stone encounters the human being it lights up the higher heart, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base energy points, the loving soothing energy then spills out through the energy fields rippling love through your being! Love is the signature tune of this stone, it is its hinge point, its centre, its birthplace. Rhodochrosite looks to imbue your entire being with ‘Love essence’, this is centralized through using the avenue of the heart first but it soon funnels its way around your entire being to fill every pore and cell with ‘love consciousness’, shedding light on how your love echoes out into the outer world, showing you your ways of loving, patterns of loving, how to anchor more selfless loving and compassion, and how to expand that out from your heart in a limitless way within under the light of awareness. It maintains a clear strong energy field around the heart, feeding the heart with a wholesomeness, building courage so in the face of conflict the heart is brave. In the digestion of painful emotions it will help you to allow hard feelings to be healed and not repressed or denied.

 It is here this stone is a master – in working with the love of your own being; firstly in showing you where work needs to be done, where pockets of self-worth and self assurance need filling, especially if in those pockets, in their emptiness, prevent change that is often necessary for the evolvement of the soul, then hopefully those changes can be made with some grace and balance. Sometimes a form of inner freedom is needed to help resolve internal conflicts, Rhodochrosite rays of pinky light work to expand the spaces within your heart so the space for freedom is there. Through the spreading of this light the transformation will occur, all in the light of loving awareness.Once the pores are open then the breath of new life may move through, new light comes, one opens up to new possibilites, new adventures, new experiences.. the full flood of life that is possible.The Incas used to believe that Rhodochrosite was the blood of their former kings and queens turned to stone, calling it ‘Inca Rose’. In more modern day relationships, this mineral exhumes happiness and buoyancy, and an understanding, acceptance and flexibility of the changes that can occur in relationship, that is, all forms of relationship. It readily prepares us for new love and supports us in the letting go of old ideas of how love or a relationship should be. Part of the learning that Rhodochrosite offers is the understanding and the harmonization of the male and female aspects within, this is steadying on two counts, firstly in your relating to another and also in relating to your first point of call, your being, your male and female within… this stone is also known for its innate ability to hone in on sexual issues that may lie dormant from childhood experiences or abuse. Rhodochrosite helps to heal mistrust or repression, encouraging a more free-flow spontaneous expression of your sexuality and desire. Lack of spontaneity often comes from the well spring of the inner child.. where deep unsung vulnerable feelings and hurts may lie. In working with this mineral forgotten memories may surface in the safe pink rosy light, gently easing traumas so that healing may begin and new talents and wisdom may blossom forth.


RUBY   ‘The Fire within’   01.05.2013     As the forces of Nature charge with us into May, this month’s mineral ally of the Earth is ruled by Mars, the firey Ruby. Grounded and connected to the Earths core, it occurs as a ‘corundum’. A tough mineral in all respects, second only to diamond in hardness, it registers as a 9 on the Mohs scale. This vivid and regal stone, hailing from these igneous and metamorphic deposits of The East speaks to us in its deep rich pink purple and red tones of love, life and power, in its most intense form. Its wisdom lies in teaching us the preciousness of human existence, humanity’s evolution and understanding of our basic instincts.

Since it aligns with the heart and base chakras it has a special understanding of what it is to live inside the human body and be charged with the forces of Love; stimulating all the senses towards blissful states, raising sexuality into the Divine realms; all the while reminding us that we were created in Love by the forces of the Universe which should heighten our love of Self and Spirit. One of the more important gifts to honor Buddha and Krishna with, the Hindu people believe that this gemstone’s red glow comes from an internal core flame that can never be extinguished. Never-ending life is also depicted through the stories of the ruby bowl of the Holy Grail containing drops of the blood of Christ. This Ruby red ‘life-blood’ is ever there as life departs or is reborn. The power of Ruby is ever present in the blood within us, and supportive during an entire birth process- conception, integration, gestation, labour and the revitalisation of the physical, emotional and energetic being following birth. Ultimately it supports us through all labour pains in all forms of birth death and renewal…

Ruby places a protective field around the entire heart area, strengthening the physical and etheric heart. It ignites the light of awareness within this heart, showing you those places where you might still need work; releasing fear from the depths  enabling transformation so you may make the transition from the person you are today, to the person you want to be and more in alignment with Divine being that you truly are.

Powered with great life-force energy and stamina Ruby re-energizes and lights sparks of mighty courage into all aspects of being – a creative force into all aspects of modern day living- work/home/relationship/social life. The power of Ruby is the encouragement to change your world; bringing light to the dark places in ones life, instilling the will for adventure and a fervent passionate power. Through Ruby’s mighty strengths you find your own ‘inner leader’- inspired living and the will to keep moving forward. It is the chosen stone of leaders and system busters. Standing up for what you believe in and seeing that justice for All is done. If you are one who likes to live life intensely but find it difficult to keep focus, Ruby will light the way to the most productive paths, always veering away from self-destructive or self limiting patterns that may have crippled you in the past.

Star rubies ( also known as a ‘star of purity’ or ‘star fire’ ) particularly so, when a star or asterism occurs through fibrous refraction within a Ruby, this mineral has the extra capacity to support you in releasing blocks that keep you from your evolutionary development, purifying and correcting disoriented energy and focusing healing energies into your chosen pathways. If you are engaged in service work Ruby will support devotional selfless work in all spiritual endeavors, ensuring that all service is rooted in the compassionate heart. Ruby connects with the sixth golden ruby ray – a ray of love, devoted service, spiritual healing and idealism, determination and aspiration which directs toward the causal areas of the human being. Peace may then come as a consequence of understanding and accepting the Universal Laws of Truth. Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Divine service is the most prominent representative of this ray. One ancient tradition speaks of a ‘ruby blessing’ for the four corners of your garden to help shield you from storms. A ruby blessing for the eternal garden of the Soul perhaps…

SAPPHIRE   ‘Seek and you shall find’   01.05.2015

The elegant Blue Sapphire corundum, a princely gem known to exhibit the most beautiful velvety cornflower blues, deep azure blues and rich indigos.. The origin of the Sapphire name is traced back to the Sanskrit ‘sanipryam’ meaning blue stone. Most native to Burma and India, it sometimes occurs with naturally formed pyramidical surface markings as shown – known as ‘record-keepers’, the untapped wisdom held within may be used as a gateway for information of cosmic origin, stellar knowledge that once assimilated into an earthly body may be used for the greater advantage of the Earth family.

The stars and the midnight skies are held within the heavenly grasp of Sapphire, a celestial gemstone of which the ancient Persians believed the Earth herself rested upon a giant specimen, thus casting its Sapphire blue reflection colouring the skies overhead. Through the Blue Sapphire, the Divine plan may be connected to, and the Divine will urged into direction, to all those who choose alignment for the good of All. The energy points it readily connects to are the crown, third eye and throat, while bringing sanctity and calm to the mental and emotional bodies.

For the Buddhists, it is heralded the stone of devotion and spiritual enlightenment, and interestingly, a spectacular sapphire carved into the likeness of Buddha sits on exhibition in the British Museum in London. This is the stone that encourages the search for spiritual truth, it applauds ceremony, prayer and reverance.. it beckons you to search further on the horizon, it inspires, uplifts, elevates towards psychic clarity and vision. Communication may cross dimensions here as the holy Sapphire bridges realms from earthly to ethereal, mundane to stellar, human to spirit guide. Wise and royal the sacred Sapphire is a beacon of celestial hope when seas are turbulent or changeable. It holds steady to the Truth and offers alignment to the Light to any who call out for it. Sapphire is the stone of ‘seek and you shall find’. The ancient seekers, the Greeks dedicated this gem to their sky-god Zeus and twas known to be worn for the Oracle at Delphi.

Sapphire sheds light on the truth of the spiritual being that you truly are, and when these blue rays filter through the mind and the nerve canals, it rejuvenates and stimulates the cells with strength and focus, creating a light structure around the thoughts so they may be modified towards the Light and a deeper level of being or consciousness may bear fruit.  With it comes the faith, hope and trust in Divine will and the Higher plan.

In the Talmud, the oral part of the Torah in Judaism, it was said that blue sapphire stones were a symbolic reminder of the sky, the heavens, and ultimately of God's throne. This stone is also a symbol of chaste love where the goddess Venus stands over bringing peace and resolution to all matters of the heart.



SELENITE    ‘Divinty on Earth’    01.04.2013    We as humans claim our heritage from Source, part of our Divine Birthright is that we hold within our beings potential that will propel us towards total enlightenment. So… what do we do when the constant upgrading energies that are clearing the deepest densest residue within our physical mental emotional etheric bodies.., how can we simply and gently enter the frequencies of Source, our true home? Enter Selenite, a fanfare of purity light and Divinity. The stone of transcending the dramas of human experience. Taking you out of the emotional tantrums of the lower ego and seperation consciousness..

Since the galactic alignment of 21.12.2012, and the gathered celestial events of meteor showers, comets, we have been experiencing with increasing intensity great influxes of light penetrating in through and around every atom of existence on this dear Earth, yes not one atom escapes the ‘frequency download’ of the most momentous period of time this planet has ever seen. Again, we need our tools, our allies, our support systems. In the need of the hour it is unwise not to seek good help! With Selenite we have opportunity to engage with the Realms of Light and as we Lightworkers together pave the way for the transformation and empowerment of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

With the heralding of the Vernal Equinox, the light is gaining ( in every sense ! ) new life emerges, sap rises, buds shoot and spring flowers are celebrated as gifts from nature. Spring returns and rejuvenates our own life force, new growth, renewal, a re-balancing of energies – new beginnings of all forms. Selenite anchors onto the Earth and into your being patterns of perfection for your journey on Earth and the Earth itself and all that occurs upon it. Divine truths, Divine laws and the Divine experience of Oneness within all humanity – a new co-operative consciousness. In order to breed across the planet this needs to be anchored as a thoughtform, as a vibrational imprint upon the body cells, birthed within the mind, before it can take root in outer world reality, Selenite can help to do just this; anchor it all in. At the same time the wonder of Selenite is this; it transcends human drama and emotional and mental negativities and fears, it in fact doesn’t even recognize them, it just moves above and beyond, where the vision is clearer! Raising all to a more ‘spiritualised feeling which will always have its roots in LOVE.

It has a perfect alignment with the transpersonal charkas, and readily codes the lower chakras for higher frequency energies. Lower never means ‘less than’ and Selenite embodies this, all is of Source. When needing higher guidance, Selenite provides a channel for this, filtering through discernment of the information and divining from the highest levels of Truth. Selenite provides a connection point to the ethereal realms & angelic realms; it has actually been known that as it transits this dimension to another it can change shape or form, bend or curve! A welcome companion for any meditation, visualization or contemplation, blessing us with awareness and the soothing balm of source-light. It readily clears blockages within the entire etheric stream of the body, mind and being. It wants us to ascend and bring us back to Light and Truth. Selenite resonates beautifully with the crown and soul star chakras, as these points are great entry points for the Divine to enter through, and meanwhile filters out any ego based information or mental muddiness. To see some really incredible Selenite forms look for the ‘Crystal cave of Giant’ in Naica, Mexico, Selentie candles weighing 55tons and extending up to 36feet long, They lie deep underground near a magma chamber.


SUNSTONE   ‘Solar Emissary’    01.12.2014   As we reach towards the close of another year, as the Sun reaches its peak and sits highest in the sky and the longest day is due, we have, in anticipation of the birth of a new year and new light, Sunstone, a stone high in solar energy and warmth, deeply connected to cosmic consciousness. An alternate name for this rock is ‘Heliolater’, ‘helios’ in Greek means ‘sun’, ‘lithos’ meaning ‘stone’, and so it was to the Greeks, to the Native American Indians it was the centre of their medicine wheel to embue their ceremonies with the light of the Sun. It is in the family of Feldspars, and polar opposite to its sister Moonstone holding the lunar frequencies. It forms in tones of oranges, peaches, reds and browns with the most marvelous sparkle of very tiny platelets of Goethite or Hematite, shimmering so spectacularly that the ancients believed the Sun itself was trapped inside this stone.. and so the aliveness of this solar energy was brought to whomever would use it.

You’ll feel the same aliveness on being with this stone, it has a kind of exuberant personality that you cant ignore, an enthusiasm and zest for life that beckons you forward into new pathways, making new avenues in life feel more desirable, it just wants to rekindle your spirit! There is an air of celebration that circulates Sunstone, bringing that good feeling into wherever you are in your life. The Suns warmth percolates through Sunstone sending out rays of power, being a great source of strength in challenging times. Physically, mentally, emotionally it has a very steadying influence. The golden fields, the sparkles of sunlight held within Sunstone beam out rays of sunniness and positivity into your energy fields, transforming any negative frequencies into delightfulness, joy and faith.

With such a level of good feeling you may feel encouraged to reach into a life of service for the good of All, with an understanding of us all being as One, an interconnectedness anchored on a cellular level meaning your body’s intelligence will steer you automatically into alignment with Divine will for all global and cosmic citizens.

Powered with sun and light the energy fields are cleansed and revitalized, areas of weakness feel restored and nurtured. The areas of the body it anchors most strongly into are the solar plexus, sacral and base energy centers, the areas of the body and energy fields where we most directly experience the outside world, in our relationships, our sexuality, our feelings, how we move through the world, the points where instinctual responses and non linear communication occur. Our foundations of our worldly life and our centre of gravity all nestle here. In the field of relationships, Sunstone will support you in the ultimate relationship, your relationship with Source, your relationship with yourself, encouraging independence and self empowerment, it encourages friendship and a familial warmth, joy and pleasure in your human body.

It is also where the potentiality for great creativity in the worldly sphere may occur. Feel your sense of adventure be stimulated and triggered into forward motion. Bring this into the field of any business and watch your leadership skills and personal Divine power light up as success feels more tangible and abundance feels more attainable. Because you are in this state of consciousness your capability to manifest the best outcome for yourself and those around you is more assured.  When fears arise Sunstone steps in to counteract, its passion and exuberance cannot sustain fear in the same space… it only knows fearlessness.



TOPAZ   ‘Vision for the future ’   01.08.2012  Aligned with the Sun and long associated with the warmth and fire of life, Topaz holds within it a view to our future and our pathway into the 5th Dimension.Perhaps it is time to part the clouds here in Ireland and find alternative sources of light to bask in and inspire us forward in our evolution.

The name Topaz has several possible roots. The most metaphorical being ‘Topazos’ – meaning ‘to seek’, derived from the fog-bound Topazion island of the Red Sea, where Topaz was first mined (now named St.Johns Island). The word ‘Tapaz’ meaning ‘fire’ in Sanskrit, sets us sail on the transformative powers of Golden Topaz (Imperial Topaz) – beaming through with the radiance of the Sun, stimulating power and passion, impelling us to be as victorious warriors of positive action and direction. As our minds and spirits are quickened upward and forward, we trail-blaze the way ahead within personal and collective consciousness.

Golden Topaz allows our vision to stretch further – so from an aerial view we may see with great expansion and without limitation; moving old constructs to the side so they are not blocking our view! The time is now to be unyielding in determination, transcend every-day human perspective and align our hearts and truths with great wisdom and creativity - lighting the way for a new adventure on Plant Earth.

Building new cellular consciousness – our crystalline 5th Dimensional selves – The sunlight of Golden Topaz is such that it beams Divine light into the DNA of our physical cells so we may live more as the Divine vehicles that we truly are. Latest research suggests that we use but 2-10% of this DNA. In working with gemstones such as Topaz, we may initiate whole new cellular regeneration, rejuvenation and rebirth; creating entirely new DNA (Divine Natural Awareness) and ultimately entirely new cellular consciousness, readying for 5th Dimensional knowledge and awakening.

Further alchemy lies within the nature of its golden rays – it is said that Golden Topaz holds the gold-pink 12th ray of Christ Consciousness; anchoring divine unconditional love, joyfulness, and reverence for all life; the highest aspects of wisdom, illuminating intelligence, power, harmony and peace for all on the Earth plane. In combining such qualities of the Christed mind and the Christed heart – one would expect a kind of ‘superhero’ to emerge! - a level of evolvement where personal will is aligned with higher will, where one has great spiritual drive and vision towards personal and Universal success and ones working day is spent doing ‘spiritual business’ and in the greater quest of life. 

Pink Topaz aligns more specifically with Venus. Venus, the second planet from the Sun and our closest neighbour serves us as the morning star and the evening star. June’s Venus transit unified the Sun and Venus during which much of the aforementioned Christ Light was focused onto Earth – infusing the Earth plane with the Venusian energies of the Divine Feminine. Pink Topaz supports these new energies in encouraging gracefulness, ease and joyful living, spontaneity that springs from the heart. It brings in great hopefulness and trust during these times of great transition.

We have also seen much activity of solar flares this year, also on the increase though are the less-known ‘stellar flares’, where great clouds of energy are released from the stars. A growing body of evidence is finding that such changes in Earth’s geomagnetic field is having massive effect on the biological systems & magnetic fields of humans - in pineal gland activity, circadian rhythm and melatonin production.

Perhaps if we were more attuned to our stellar selves we would find ourselves less affected by these disruptions?Connection with our cosmic brothers and sisters may be accessed through Clear Topaz, while holding many similar properties as Golden Topaz, it attunes with the movements of the stars, connects us with the stellar aspects of ourselves, gaining aspects of light, clarity and purity that stretches us beyond regular human consciousness.

Blue Topaz works as a real gem-treasure of truth and wisdom. Helping us in accessing and communicating divine nuggets of information that are waiting to be tapped into, enhancing the mind and aspirations, raising mental faculties to get that all-important aerial view..There are many Topazes embedded deep in the Earth, not fog-bound like Topazion, but willing us forward in our evolution - clearly the energy of Topaz is ready to surface as we see the name Topaz everywhere these days! Perhaps signs of growth yet to come ; )

Sinéad De hÓra 2020