Crystal Imagist

Crystal ImagistCrystal Imagist was founded by Nick Beckman in Cork, Ireland in 2010.

After having lived in Finland, Switzerland and Holland, a build-up of events and a few amazing coincidences led him to move to Ireland at the turn of the millennium. Enjoying life in Ireland with its scenic landscapes and rich artistic influences awoke his creative and entrepreneurial spirit. When Sinéad asked him to make some promotional material for her multi level Crystal courses & workshops, then he rose to the occasion, combining a passion for Photography, Crystals and Nature. From that moment on, the Crystal Imagist came to light, to deliver captivating crystal images to the broader public. These stunning photographs express beautifully the vibrational power of gemstones. A new way of ‘crystalline expression’ – to uplift and inspire, while expressing the beauty of these precious gifts from Nature, on a variety of printed media.