What are ANCHI’S ?   ANCHI  is an acronym for “Ancient Chi”.  Dated to be at least 1.6 billion old -   the Ancient ones in the mineral family and a rare offering from the Earth. ANCHI Crystals hold the  codes, wisdom, and alignments of the Original Plan. They were formed at the first stage of Earth’s  geological history. Found in only one location on the Earth. The site represents a “community” of over 50 crystals meaning the combination of every mineral found in that geographic location, complete and together just as they were formed in synergy 1.6 billion years ago. ANCHI’s are made up of Tourmalines (the most pyroelectric mineral) Quartz (the most piezoelectric mineral) Lepidolite and Topaz.

In scientific terms, each place on earth has its own geomagnetic field that contains a distinguishing set of characteristics, like a thumbprint. Rarely, the geomagnetic pattern is so strong that it transfers the characteristics of that site into the crystals – creating a unique mineralogical geo-imprint. This unique geo-imprint is the source of ANCHI Crystals’ Chi or life force… not the specific crystalline or mineral properties.

ANCHI  Crystals are epitaxial indicating the ability to template, store and transfer what has been stored within. Operating in “wholeness” is fundamental to mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well being – in wholeness we are naturally connected to the greater Whole- and by facilitating this Optimum State, the body naturally heals itself. ANCHI Crystals support living in ‘the optimum state’ – allowing the physical and nonphysical aspects to self correct naturally. The Earth’s electromagnetic fields, with which our personal electromagnetic fields interact, have been compromised by changes since the beginning of the electronic age. Do you know that your body runs on electricity and that healthy electrical systems are required for healing to occur? ANCHI Crystals gently support the electrical systems and fields surrounding our bodies. ANCHI  Crystals may be safely used anywhere on the body. They create cohesiveness or wholeness simply by being within close proximity to them. They are adaptogenic – if you are overcharged your field will calm, if you are undercharged your field will gain energy, whatever your needs are.. Simply hold or place on your body. They do not require focus particularly. The treatment works with the ANCHI energy in using a large amount of these crystals - in specimen and chip form.

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