Ethical Sourcing

Earth is a crystal producing factory; and at times the question of ethical mining does come up.. concerns for indigenous peoples and habitat, environmental damage, poor health and safety regulations low wages for workers. Of course in all markets we want to see ‘Ecologically and socially responsible’ goods traded fairly.. Here I wanted to point out the unsung values of the crystals trade

  • Enhancement of the developing potential of agents of local fairtrade cooperatives or small community industries producing artisan work and involved in small-scale mining; bettering employment/livelihoods and co-operatives
  • Further downstream, this work stabilises fragile countries and supports their development to increase the revenue of poor governments, helping them to address their countries’ development challenges
  • There is relatively low value of raw material produced; with low demand compared to commercial industrial mining thus lessening the chance of exploitative and unethical processes.
  • Crystal specimens are generally hand mined and carefully extracted from the surface or underground seams. mechanical or explosive extraction  of these minerals ( which can cause environmental damage) would destroy them/render them unsaleable.


RECOMMENDED… Privately-held and run companies Ethical Diamonds, Artisan Wedding Rings & Brilliant Earth, diamonds sourced from Canada & Namibia – sustainable mining processes & stricter labor regulations than controversial Zimbabwe or Angola.

Some words from  “Our main UK supplier, of 7yrs, goes to the various mines and dealers within the country of origin, and whenever possible we personally hand pick and do not sell any crystal we would not be happy to receive ourselves. We only buy from suppliers we whom we trust”.