Sacred Ceremonies


BIRTH BLESSINGS This ceremonial gathering is facilitated by Sinéad with the presence of the mother and loved ones to celebrate and welcome the advent of the birth of the new soul on Earth and to positively support and strengthen affirmative intention for the mother’s labour process. Preceding the gathering I first speak with the mother to see what her wishes and needs are. Once loved ones are gathered we speak of our hopes for the mother and newborn. We call upon the presence of the ancestors and those from the realms of Light. Together then we create a crystalline mandala with relevant stones and I facilitate a guided journey envisioning the most empowered and loving experience for mother, baby and entire family. This ceremony also has space for personal gifts from loved ones e.g red wool wrapping or belly painting. The blessing may take place in the home of the mother or family member or a precious space will be created at Oscailt where I facilitate all my workshops and therapies.

Full duration tends to be 2hrs, donation suggested €150

“Sinead brought with her into my home great understanding and light at a very delicate time for me becoming a mother again. She held a space in my home with some of my most precious friends surrounding me. She holds a space with easy grace and a great presence. It was a challenging time for me as my baby was so big inside me and I was feeling very drained by mothering my first at the same time. Of course the lack of sleep didnt help ! But after this blessing I felt more ready for the road ahead, challenging as it seemed. It gave my spirit a much needed boost of light, with Sinead’s help of drawing all that positive light filled energy my way, it helped me so much. Her crystals and use of them felt so ancient and protective and draws straight from Mother Earth. Mother Earth understands the birthing process and the sacred energy behind it and Sinead tapped into this timeless knowledge. Bless her and the great journey she walks”.   Susie – Co.Cork

“Sinead did a baby blessing for me when I was 8 ½ months pregnant with my second child. My sister arranged the baby blessing as a gift & Sinead contacted me beforehand to discuss what intentions I would like to set for the day. Sinead created a warm, safe, sacred crystalline space for the baby blessing and my unborn baby & I were surrounded by family & close friends. And of course we were surrounded by the wonderful crystals, hand chosen by Sinead with her expert knowledge of all things crystalline and they were the perfect choice for the day. Sinead initiated & held the sacred space with love, light & integrity. We set our intention for the labour/birth and you could actually feel the love & support in the room. I carried that love & support into the labour room with me. Prior to the baby blessing, I was nervous about the birth because I had a long labour followed by an emergency c-section with my previous pregnancy. After the blessing I felt energised and supported & ready for what was to come. The birth of my second child went really smoothly and was a totally difference experience to the first. I felt the support of the wonderful women who shared the baby blessing with me & of the crystal mandala that we created that day. I felt safe and blessed and nurtured by mother earth. I can’t thank Sinead enough for such a beautiful experience”.  Edel – Cork

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“Sinead’s creation of a naming ceremony for our baby boy Jade Parris will live on our memories. Every time I think of it now it brings a tear to my eye!I asked Sinead to do this for us when I was pregnant, as I wanted to celebrate and bless our baby into the world in a way that reflected our beliefs, love and protection of him, and she is certainly the person who is most sensitive to such things. Sinead incorporated our natural surroundings in the objects she chose for the blessings and was able to articulate our feelings through her words, and also evoke from us our contribution to the ceremony. She explained so nicely the meanings and history of our baby’s names, which is something so important I think when you carry a name through life.We really felt he was truly blessed and protected and present. With our family together in the garden we felt really strong and so happy afterwards that we had done this our way, and Sinead’s performance of the ceremony charmed everyone with real feelings of love and welcome for our baby. Perhaps it was a coincidence, but I’m not so sure, but soon after baby Jade’s ceremony he began to sleep through the night!”     –   Úna & Loz, Galway.