Esoteric Life Coaching

Esoteric Life Coaching is an holistic & metaphysical approach to life coaching; working on the basic premise that we are an interwoven fabric of body, mind, spirit, emotions, energy fields – all of which are deeply connected and interdependent on eachother. To achieve true lasting transformative change in life, one must explore this inner fabric – to deeply heal and become expert in self knowing & self love and thus rightly choose a path ahead that is sovereign to your inner truth and aligned to your best potential.

As the soul resides in a place of truth; it knows what is needed for you to blossom in life. This soul needs nourishing and feeding just as our bodies do; and with right guidance on how to ‘fill the well’, connect with your inner power, & connect with the unending source of lifeforce that is available to us all, the ‘fuel’ that your soul craves can be found and life becomes different…

You begin to relate to yourself (and others) in an entirely different way.
You meet the world with new eyes and an invigorated heart.
You begin to feel and see how interconnected humanity is and your part within the whole.
Life direction gains a new pace and your personal, professional & spiritual self are in harmony, peacefulness reigns in your heart, joy comes naturally and life becomes blissful.


First steps – an assessment & in-depth look into the clients life experience is begun; to devise what areas require healing, transformation or growth, for the short & long-term. Obstacles and blocks are investigated & current life challenges are addressed. This includes working through outdated ways of being/belief systems/conditionings. Constructive programs of inner growth work are given, along with self care and self management tools to support the transformative journey; all of which are tailored to suit the individual.




Spiritual emergencies / Existential crisis
Mid life, menopausal or transitional crisis
Work-life balance issues
Consistent physical ill health
Recovery from heartbreak or loss
Negative relationships with others
Sexuality issues
Disturbed sleep/dreamtime
Destructive self talk & negative self image
Lack of self knowing/sense of inner truth
Lack of self compassion, self love or forgiveness
Lack of psycho spiritual development
Devoid of vision/clarity in direction/decision for life purpose
Persistent negativity, little optimism
Consistent inner conflicts & torments
Consistent mental & emotional stress
Consumed with doubt, fear, grief or panic
Driven by the mind/negative ego rather than heart & soul
Over identification with the material world
Disillusionment/Aimlessness/ Escapism
Disconnection /Joylessness/Numbness
Living from the false self rather than authentic self
Lack of enlightened or inspired thoughts/insights
Past/future obsessed with resistance to change
Spirituality seems illusive – yet there is a yearning for it
Gifts & talents undiscovered
A constant stream of internal questions with no answers



Sinéad works from a place of deep understanding, insight and clear perspective. A natural empath, clairsentient and intent listener, her heart-centeredness governs all aspects of her work. She supports and guides all her clients in the most compassionate, supportive and professional manner. Over the past 20+ years she has shown a broad spectrum of clients how to access their greater courage, freedom within and empowerment to face the more unsettling aspects of their inner and outer lives. She is present for her clients and students as a trusted confidant, equipt with practical advice and tools that work equally in the earthly and spiritual sense. Each client is worked with at their own individual pace, in an entirely non judgemental and confidential manner.

*Coaching may be audio recorded for further reflection.

Sinéad is also a skilled alchemist with a range of Sacred Elixirs available to deepen and enhance your journey to greater wellness – see page ‘Crystal Healing & Sacred Elixir Perscriptions’


1hr  coaching   €70


2hrs coaching  €120


Discounts available for several sessions if paid in advance



Treatments available by appointment throughout the week -

Venues: Oscailt Integrative Centre, 8 Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Bookings/Further Info – contact Sinéad directly – 086 3080913





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