Crystal Healing & Intuitive guidance



This treatment begins with an indepth look into the clients life experience to devise what areas require healing, transformation or growth, for the shorterm or longterm.

Using intuitive guidance and practical coaching methods the client is compassionately supported and intently listened to, while she/he is given constructive advice on how to move beyond all that which hinders them in their earthly life or soul purpose. *On request this part of the treatment may be audio recorded for further reflection.

Once it has been devised what needs addressing within the physical mental emotional spiritual well being, the energy healing is begun; anchored with a full body layout of gemstones. The treatment concludes with a further healing and support program.

Sinéad works from a place of deep understanding and insight. Her heart-centeredness governs all aspects of her work and she holds space for all her clients in the most empathetic and professional manner.

With 20 years experience as a therapist & tutor in the Complementary Health field

Duration 2hrs – €120



Treatments available by appointment throughout the week -

Venues: Oscailt Integrative Centre, 8 Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

& Dervish Shop & Wellness Centre, 7 Aungier Street, Dublin 2

Bookings/Further Info – contact Sinéad directly – 086 3080913



Some modalities used – Sekhem, Net of Light, Rahanni, IET  – see below

NET OF LIGHT EMPOWERMENTS - A beautiful cradling, all embracing, loving nurturing experience where  you are wrapped in a form of ‘spiritualized comfort blanket’ – the all consuming motherly earthly love that we all need and desire. The empowerment gives a connection to the Net of Light, with each empowerment the connection grows stronger & stronger. The Net of Light is the light-woven fabric that moves through and permeates through all of existance; spoken of by The Great Council of the Grandmothers.. for full story.. its quite a read !

SEKHEM – ancient healing modality of Egypt – works with the healing forces of the Eqyptian goddess Sekhmet ( see picture)- a mighty and fiery goddess of transformation and re-creation. The tools this modality brings through are fiery, powerful and known to break through all negative or entrenched or outdated thoughtforms/energy patterns/ways of being or thinking that need to end. Working in a thounderbolt like fashion Sekhmet delivers the ‘break through’ we often crave or need so we can bring about tangiable and lasting change in our lives. The energy that Sekhem carries is very high frequency

RAHANNI, meaning ‘Of one heart’ concieves the reality where there is no separation; we are all from one Divine Universal lifeforce energy – this is the new healing modality relevant to the new times we live in… channelled from the higher dimensions of Andromeda, Sirius and The Pleiades, where many advanced civilisations live. This beautiful and powerful energy travels on the pink ray of light, connecting directly to the heart centre, releasing all negative or fear-based patterns and feelings, replacing with the pure essence of Truth, Love and Compassion. The male and female sides are brought into balance and healing is achieved to the highest level possible. The guiding forces of this modality are Kwan Yin, Melchizedek and the star beings of the aforementioned star systems.

IET – Integrated Energy Therapy is a focused ‘hands on’ energy therapy system which uses the violet angelic energy ray – specific techniques are used to diagnose and treat the client; safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of the past, empowering and balancing your life in the present – helping you to reach for the stars as you evolve into your future… IET works on the premise that restricted energy flow in the physical mental emotional fields causes ‘dis-ease’, and spiritual disconnection. During treatment, limiting past energy patterns are released, clearing energy blockages in the body’s cellular memory… Through the releasing of theses blockages, you will begin to feel more balanced and harmonious in all areas of your life, promote self-empowerment, gain spiritual connection and enabling you to move through life more easily, helping you to ‘thrive’ rather than ‘survive’ . The IET treatment also incorporates the supporting energies of crystals, colours, and the elements and the devic kingdom.






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