About Sinéad


 My venture into Complementary Health Therapy began whilst in employment in Cork Centre of Holistic Therapy ( Fuchsia Aromatherapy) Cork; I became enthralled with Aromatherapy and many other healing modalities & natural medicines. Qualifying in ITEC Diplomas in Anatomy Physiology & Massage, Aromatherapy and Ear Candling, 1998-2000, I practised for several years at Ki-Care Clinic and Riverside Clinic, Cork.

During this timeframe I taught many multi level courses; Aromatherapy & Massage, Reflexology/Stress Management/Work-Life balance/Meditation/Colour Therapy/Self-nurturing techniques to many academies, organizations and corporate groups. I was a contract trainer to the Cork Carers Association & MS Society for several years. Elsewhere, I qualified in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Sekhem, and hold certificates in Aura-Soma Colour Therapy & Australian Bush Flower Remedies. During this timeframe I was becoming increasingly interested in all areas of wellness and self-development. While building knowledge and experience my collection of stones and understanding of other dimensions was also significantly building…

In 2005 I relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland, attending numerous trainings on Crystal Healing, Alaskan Gem Essences, Ishaya Meditation. In 2009, I qualified in the art and practice of Crystal healing Level 1 & 2 with Jhadten Jewall (Scared Spaces, Canada).

In 2015 I experienced the Net of Light empowerment, a miraculous tool of healing for all woman/mankind, I worked with this Net of Light continually then in 2018 I was privileged to be asked to be Regional Co.ordinator for Ireland. See www.netoflight.org for further details. In 2018 I completed a certificate in Jungian studies and integrate the tools of Jung’s psychology into all facets of my work.

2019 saw me being part of the team team co.ordinating The Net of Light Gathering at Newgrange, Ireland, September 13-15th 2019 which was a phenomenal event of Love & Joy and great healing for Ireland & beyond.

Also this year, I began the preparation of a series of gemstone Elixirs – 14 of them currently. Each one holds the healing gift to surpass blocks/weaknesses within; the type of which Lightworkers & empaths regularly encounter. The masters which bring these gifts are of the Essene lineage ( previously known as – the Apostles;) I am running regular 2 Day workshops that introduce this Elixir support system & the Essene way. Contact me directly for more details or see Facebook ‘Crystalline Times’ for regular updates on all Crystalline Times activity.

2020 – very excited :)