Upcoming Self Nurturing Programme 2018 and soon to be announced Introduction to Crystals course…
































































- 3 Pillars – 3 workshops – Pillar to the Feminine Workshops

Healing & ultimate Empowerment of the Divine Feminine principle
February 26th, March 26th, April 30th.
Sundays 10.00am – 6.00pm.












    Crystalline Times – for crystal articles/photos, upcoming treatment/workshop dates



Mind Body Spirit Yoga fair    RDS   March 18 – 20th      

FREE  talk  Saturday March 19th   4pm in Dodder room D ( upstairs)
‘Empowering the Divine Feminine’    
Introducing the gemstone allies of the Mineral Kingdom to strengthen,
heal and recover your Sacred and Divine femininity.


















The Grandmothers’ work & empowerments are FREE

Suggested donation costs.   ALL are welcome .